Public offering of quantitative hedge funds restarted after three years of Zhongrong fund products approved

Public offering of quantitative hedge funds restarted after three years of Zhongrong fund products approved

Source: China Net Finance Original title: Publicly funded quantitative hedge fund restarted after three years, Zhongrong Fund’s first batch of products was approved more than three years later. Publicly funded quantitative hedge fund opened again. Information from the official website of the China Securities Regulatory Commission revealed thatZhongrong Smart Selection Hedging Strategy has been opened regularly for three months and a flexible allocation of hybrid initiating funds has been approved recently, becoming one of the latest round of quantitative hedge funds approved for issuance.

  Quantitative investment is to use statistical and mathematical models and methods to find “high probability” strategies that can lead to excess returns from massive data and guide investment. Quantitative hedging is a special strategy for quantifying funds. It manages and reduces the portfolio system.Risk in response to changes in financial markets, and obtain relatively ideal returns.

Zhongrong Fund said that the re-opening of the public quantitative hedge fund can provide investors with more and richer investment varieties.

It is also the result of the continuous improvement of market trading tools. Due to the limitations of trading tools, hedging public offerings can only choose stock index futures to hedge systemic risks in the market before quantification. ETF investment and the listing of stock index options provide more hedging strategies.Rich source of absolute revenue for a reasonable approach.

  Quantitative hedge funds are mainly based on market-neutral strategies. This strategy hedges systemic risks of stock assets through financial derivative instruments such as stock index futures and budgets in order to obtain absolute returns.

According to Zhongrong Fund, referring to traditional equity fund products, such products have the advantages of narrowing drawdowns and stable returns.

The yield of currency fund products in the existing market is gradually falling, and the attractiveness of allocation is decreasing. However, the yield of traditional stock fund products fluctuates. Such products can replace the gap between fixed income products such as currencies and equity products.

With the enrichment and improvement of financial derivatives in the future, public offering of quantitative hedging products is expected to become a substitute for low-risk fixed income products.

  Zhongrong Fund has an early layout in the field of quantitative investment. In 2016, the quantitative investment department was established, and Yi Haibo, the company’s vice president, was in charge.

The team has a wealth of strategic reserves, covering proactive quantification, index-enhanced internal relative return strategies, and absolute return strategies such as target risk and quantitative hedging. It makes full use of modern quantitative technologies such as financial statistics, big data, and machine learning.Find and capture Alpha earnings.

The Zhongrong Smart Choice Dividend stock currently 南宁桑拿 under management and the Zhongrong Quantitative Smart Choice Hybrid have repeatedly outperformed the benchmark since its establishment.

The approval of the first quantitative hedging product will further enrich Zhongrong Fund’s quantitative product line, create an excellent investment tool for investors, and meet the diversified allocation needs of investors.