The heart that was just put down is raised again at this moment,Trembling body said:“one million,one million!”

Xiao Fan glanced at Huang Siye,Put away the machete,Patted Huang Siye on the shoulder,Said:“Ok,Not bad,These hands are indeed worth a million。How about this,You give me a million,I will leave your hands for now,how about it?”
Siye Huang looked at Xiao Fan even though it was a discussing tone,But where did he leave room for negotiation,But thinking of one million can send this plague god away,Fourth Master Huang is still very happy to do it。
So when Xiao Fan’s voice just fell,Fourth Master Huang said immediately:“Good good,Give me your account,I’ll transfer it to you right away!”
Xiao Fan took out his phone,Entered a bank account number to Huang Siye,Soon,Huang Siye took the phone and showed Xiao Fan the news of the successful transfer。
At this time, Huang Siye didn’t have any thoughts to think about why the mobile phone has a signal now.,He is now full of thoughts about when the man in front of him will leave。
Xiao Fan watched Fourth Master Huang obediently finish the transfer,Nodded with satisfaction。
Before leaving,Xiao Fan didn’t forget to remind:“You’d better stay away from Qiao Anan from now on,otherwise,It won’t be solved with one hand!”
Four Master Huang nodded after listening,And raised his right hand,Made a swearing pose,Said:“do not worry,rest assured,I will never get closer to Qiao An’an,Wherever there is her,I will withdraw as soon as possible,I promised it won’t hinder her eyes!”
Xiao Fan listened to Huang Siye’s guarantee,The content is exactly the same as the previous Huang Mao,Really worthy of what kind of master,What kind of subordinates。
See things done,Xiao Fan also left this club without looking back。
Fourth Master Huang saw that there was no trace of Xiao Fan in the room,This is like a mess of mud collapsed on the massage table。
At this moment, Fourth Master Huang is breathing the air to his heart’s content,He feels that he is now alive again,It seems that this woman, Qiao An’an, will not be offended in the future。
Think of the man just now,Fourth Master Huang still trembled uncontrollably。
Chapter Forty Seven Rare warm moment