He quickly found,Kind of table、stool、Just wait for the cabinet。

others,Furnishings such as vases are the most,Small picture frame and so on,Are somewhat practical,Not just furnishings。Let him find more than 130 items in total,The price is not uniform,Thousands of expensive,There are also dozens of cheaper,Such as wooden comb,Inlaid with crystal。
Hu Yang organized a lottery,Immediately draw more than 100 viewers,As for who will receive what,Then there is no guarantee。
Lucky audience,address、Contact information etc.,Get it together,Then take a screenshot,Pass it to Master Cao,Send out this job,Hu Yang plans to leave to Master Cao。
“rest assured,rest assured!I promise it’s done,Every piece,Will be delivered to everyone,Will check in time、Track courier information。”Master Cao assured Hu Yang。
Such a small matter,Of course he will not refuse。He cleaned up so much inventory for him,He is grateful。
right now,He finally experienced the power of the Internet。
Get!Over a hundred pieces,And spent nearly 100,000 yuan on Brother Hu。of course,By contrast,The benefits this time are relatively average。
In addition,Undrawn audience,See those works,Heartbeat,And capable,One after another。quickly,曹师傅’s other inventory,Be swept away,There are even some orders。
He was surprised,The remaining orders,Is enough for him for almost a month。
To this group of Populus,Naturally thank you very much,Finally understand,What the little girl said just now“Bring goods”,It turned out to be this way,It’s terrible。
He didn’t understand,Now some celebrities live streaming,That’s pretty tough,How many tens of millions,Billions of。