If it weren’t for Li Tianxing forcibly sandwiching himself between Xiang Chen and Ye Qing,Ye Qing, who was uncomfortable with Xiang Chen’s gaze,May be more uncomfortable。

“Brother Xiang,what happened to you?”
Ye Qingqing looked at Xiang Chen with some anxiety,Don’t know what he is thinking。
Xiang Chen looked at Ye Qingqing,Pondered for a while,Just said:“I thought,A star is a group of high income,The crowd who acted for others。But today,After watching your awards ceremony,I suddenly changed a little。”
Xiang Chen turned his head and looked at the stars who were retreating one after another,There was a slight sigh in his eyes。
“I used to treat people in your industry,Really don’t feel anything。Don’t understand why there are so many people,I tried my best to participate in the talent show,Want to be a star。But tonight,All the brilliance is only for the one who came to the stage to receive the award,I just understand,It turned out to be a group of very courageous people,Work hard to make your life more radiant!”
What Xiang Chen said suddenly made Li Tianxing and Ye Qingming a little bit confused,They don’t understand, but one year Xiang Chen asked Xiang Yang what he wanted to do when he grew up,Xiang Yang answered to be a star,I was mocked by Xiang Chen for a long time。
“Don’t be compassionate,Now think about how we leave is the actual!”
Li Tianxing looked at the busy traffic in front of him,This picture seems a bit different from my previous plan,I don’t know if there are other options,Li Tianxing was a little worried when he spoke。
“Unless you can fly away,Otherwise just wait!”
Ding Sheng looked at everything in front of him,Also said helplessly。
“When your grandpa was 30 years old, he already had his own sky,what do you have?”
It seems that I have not heard the conversation between Li Tianxing and Ding Sheng,Xiang Chen turned his head to Li Tianxing and asked Li Tianxing a question that the donkey’s lips are not right.。
Enduring Xiangchen’s urge to roll his eyes,Li Tianxing suppressed the anger in his heart,It’s just already very controlled,While speaking,Still can’t summon to be happy。
“I don’t have my own sky,Because it is a public resource,I’m just a rich man,philanthropist,Playboy only!”
Li Tianxing said angrily,But the identities described are still in line with the facts。
I’m too lazy to talk nonsense with Li Tianxing,Xiang Chen is still waiting directly,Familiar recipe, familiar taste,Li Tianxing became much quieter instantly。
“It seems that your car will have to wait a while before coming,If you come to me and sit down?After the award ceremony today,I have a private party,Some fun things to show。”
The smile on Zhixingchuan’s face is profound,When looking at Xiang Chen,There are already many people in black surrounding Xiang Chen and the others。
“It seems I want to say no!”