Because he knows,These boxers in the national martial arts circle alone,Can’t stop these community members,at this point,Can only come forward,Call the senior officials from Hong Kong Island to suppress the incident。

Although Zhou Xingchi has never been willing to use favor and face to do things,But this time in order to protect this passionate young man with kung fu,He had to do it。
What’s more, the other party actually saved his life indirectly,Zhou Xingchi wants to be here,Even more reluctant to stand by。
Just when Zhou Xingchi was going to take out his mobile phone for help,The young man who was watched by the audience took the initiative to stand up。
“Tea is ok,Teach boxing。I only practiced for a few days,Can’t teach others。”Lu Menglin smiled and said loudly。
Hear his voice ringing,Master Ye Tian and all the boxers were shocked,Their faces changed a lot。
Why is this kid so naive?He even agreed to drink tea with these social figures?Isn’t this showing that the sheep is in the mouth?
No matter how smart you are,It’s not worth their bullets!What a fool!
Zhou Xingchi heard this,His complexion also sank,Resolutely turned around:“young people,I also want to ask you for advice,Why don’t you go to my house first!”
What he said,It’s not hesitating to publicly offend the four major communities on Hong Kong Island and the Vietnamese Gang,To rescue this brave young man。
Master Xing’s warm heart,Obviously moved the heart of cherishing talents,Anyone with a discerning eye can hear his maintenance。
How smart is Lu Menglin,I heard Zhou Xingchi say that,Suddenly smiled。
“Great!I happen to have something to ask Master Xing for advice。I actually have a movie idea about to start.”
Everyone heard this young man chatting with Zhou Xingchi about a movie at this festival,Can’t help but be funny,When is this?!Sure enough!
“it is good!Go to my house!”Zhou Xingchi interrupted this young man in time,Resolutely。
Talk about it,Zhou Xingchi even stepped forward,Took the initiative to hold Lu Menglin’s wrist,Obviously, I want to protect each other with the fame I have built up by Zhu Heyuan。
At this moment,The eldest brother Hu from the Vietnamese gang is not happy anymore,A rough person like him never watches movies anyway,In his eyes,Zhou Xingchi is just a movie star,Dare to manage the affairs of the rivers and lakes,I’m so bold。
“Hey!Who let him go?fourteenKDon’t give you any face?The person my brother Li wants,You dare to move?”Hu’s surname shouted thickly。