The opponent is shy。

When he saw that Li Hui is with Zhang with Zhang,Immediately laugh。
“Bamboo,Is this not Zhang??
Now you can’t stay in the city.,Ready to buy a car toward the countryside?”
Chapter 618 disappears
Zhang Duo see people,Flash in the eyes,But still try to keep yourself calm。
“Hey-hey,Liu Tong,I am coming with the boss.,I am not so big.。”
“Hey, a few cars are very powerful.?
Zhang Zheng, this pursuit is really fascinating.,Do you want you to come over??
I will give you a car.。”
Zhang Duo heard this,Eyes are all bright,An immediate heart is。
Li Hui Feng saw the light in the eyes of Zhang.,I know what is going on.。
“Liu Shu,Are you not very good for my face??
And I am not ready to develop towards the country.,On the contrary, it is ready to develop towards the city.,I bought a car today, I came to the city to show my fists.。”
Li Hui Feng looked at Liu Sihai to talk to Zhang,The eyes are uncomfortable in Zhao Xiaoling, and the appearance of Jiang Shuyan.,He is an angry。
“Xiao Li.,I didn’t recognize it.,Fortunately, you open it.,You have to say that I thought that Zhang Gong said the boss is the beautiful woman next to you.。”
Looking at Zhao Xiaoling’s occupationOLSkirt,Especially the black silk wearing two slender jade legs,Let Liu Sihai want to enter non-non-non-,The mind is even planned。
As for Jiang Shuyan, although it is very beautiful,But more but love,He is not interested in cute women。
Zhao Xiaoling originally thought that the clothes accompanied by a relatively generous dress。
But because Zhang Duo’s call is anxious,She can only wear the usual career installed.。
I heard the words of Liu Sihai,As long as it is not a fool, I know that Liu Sihai is changing in the wind.。
“Hey-hey,Liu Shu,I am from this boss.,We have a few bosses,I remember that Liu Shu is in the city.,I don’t know where Liu Shu is now doing.?”
Li Hui Feng asked very random,But his heart is already settled to make the other person to eat some bitterness.。
After all, the other party three five times is difficult,There is also a lot of money in the mountains in the village, I spent a lot of money.,He has always remembered this account.。
I want to compete with me?
You around you, I went to me, but I took it away.,If you can try it with my head?,However, when I was, I was gave you, don’t blame, I didn’t remind you.。”
Say this,Liu Sihai smiled and watched a lot of Zhang。
“boss Zhang,I remember that you have a few workers injured.?
Do you really expect them??
They don’t care from you,I just said that I don’t want to do it.,Don’t start,They still don’t listen,If you are not Zhang, you will expect them to clear the relationship in advance.,I feel that you may really be lying in the hospital that day.。”
Liu Sihai’s words let Li Hui Feng instantly anger。
How can he still leave for those people?,It turned out to be a lot of expenditures。
Zhang Duo also did not expect Liu Sihai to say these in the face of Li Hui Feng.,This makes him a time, I don’t know what to say.。