“Sunday Railway Station,He is wearing blue gown,Headband,Hands with a black leather bag,Hand will take a magazine of the last period of good friend。”

Rui Rui said after a complete rescue and evacuation plan.:“At that time, you can shoot shoot and hunt your casual clothes.,do not worry,In order to let them trust you to sacrifice a few people, we are at all.!”
Yau Yibei is next to,After listening, I don’t understand what I don’t know.,Waiting two people asked:“Long pool,You are people who have kill us?”
“Wine long,What Chinese people are doing for the headquarters?The task of the next day let them participate,We can send a gendarmerie to the past.。”
“What Chinese people do if they also shoot?”
“That’s true!”
“You are not afraid that they are misunderstandings?”
“It is also caused by them.,The same text has cultivated them for more than ten years,If you can’t even pay for such a scene,I will not have anything for staying.。”
“Town Town is really a trolley-hearted person.!”
“Not my iron heart,This is the battlefield,We are all soldiers,All done a preparation for sacrificing life at any time,They also。”
“Long pool,Are you still satisfied with this house??”
“Very satisfied,Thank you for the classmate,Why didn’t you see Miss Zhin in these two days??”
“She took people to perform the task.?”
“She personally married the horse and must be an important case.?”
“Yes,Recently, Shanghai is very unrest,Not only Zheng Yao first,There are still some resistance organizational activities.,These people must clear。”
“Wine long,Why do you have no news??”
“Speaking of them, I am angry,This No. 5 Agent Group has got a Tucheng Iron from Nanjing.,And handed these evidence to the United States,The Soviet Union also has British,Now the world is accusing our big Japanese Emperor!”
“That’s too bad,Are they not in Shanghai??”
“Recently, I also sent people in checking.,But very strange,This 5th agent group seems to be hiding.,There is no news for so many days.,But according to what I know, they should be very active.。”
“Wine long,I will let Tang Ling helps them。”
“correct,I have been forgot to ask you.,What is Tang Ling??”
Read the highest888Cash red envelope!
“A Chinese who bought by I bought,He didn’t feel anything about his country.,More don’t talk about love,As long as you have money, he will do anything.,And this person is very capable,Now that my business in the concession is basically his care.。”
“He is really an ability person,If he can find the No. 5 agent group,I will reward him again.!”
NS208chapter Still need to take a long history!
Rui Rui’s mouth from the wine Yibui’s mouth does not have a bamboo, the clouds are going to perform any task.,But this spy flower is definitely not a small action.。
Conference room,Twenty-six Testamental reports have contacted the black teams they are responsible for。
“Long pool,Understand what we know,Some groups have not been replenished for nearly three months.,Fortunately, there are a skill, still not hungry.,But this seriously affects their normal action。”Songchuan is said,
“Since this,Then do we use any way to meet their requirements as soon as possible?,They are working hard for the Empire,We must protect their supply。”Ritual,
“Long pool,We have already contacted it.,Twenty-six teams need us to personally have six。”
“Then you have a registration amount.,I will arrange it immediately.,You must be responsible for,I can’t depend on them.。”
These things don’t have to do it all.,He only needs to sign a word.,Some provets holding the same textbook,Songchuan is taking people from Mitsubishi Bank to take out the required funds.,And send these money and materials through various methods,Six people have sent them directly。
Rui Rui does not have any hands and feet,Just like this black gold plan, ZHEN Zheng Yao first can’t worry,Need to be completely clear and then think about solving,Now that they are the first suspicion, it is a long pool.。
In order to get more intelligence and participate in more plans,When you are, you still have to go,Anyway, most of their intelligence will summarize it.,I want to move the brain from this way.。
Shanghai Railway North Station,Guan Yongshan fell out of the station,He found that there are several people who are fascinating.,Shanghai he has come,See what he is at this time, I don’t know what to do.。
Just when a few casual clothes will go to Guanyong New Year.,Suddenly came to a few guns,Four places in the place in the place,Li Yongnian also pulled the gun to shoot at the special agent。
Shen Hongkai ran to Guan Yongnian and front:“Club!Traitor,Fast with us!”