Wang Youcai listened,Thought,Why is this guy again。What age is it,Don’t want to make some money,Always use his old methods,It seems that this person is leaving Pingdu。

Lan Ling didn’t say a word when seeing Wang Youcai,So she rubbed her plump breasts on Wang Youcai’s arm and said:“Wang Ge!Can you help my sister settle this matter??“
Wang Youcai listened,The whole person is almost crisp,Lan Ling keeps calling him Boss Wang,This suddenly changed his name to his brother,Wang Youcai is a little floating。It stands to reason that he is a man who stays in the mountains,It’s better not to participate in such things,But watching Lan Ling look so charming,Wang Youcai has a hard time。
Lan Ling is a messenger outside,Naturally good at observing beauty,She hesitated when she saw Wang Youcai,I knew it was a bit tricky。So she put her mouth in Wang Youcai’s ear,What did you say quietly。
Unexpectedly, Wang Youcai hugged her and said:“No way,I don’t want either,I want you,And just now“Wang Youcai said,So he pushed Lan Ling down on the sofa。
Lan Ling is like a live fish on the chopping board,Being teased by Wang Youcai。Finally, as the two gasps,They rolled into a ball。
Afterwards,Lan Ling sorted her clothes,Complained:“You are such a beast,Always here。Which two women came back last time,Didn’t even go to work the next night,I really lost it“
Wang Youcai heard what Lan Ling said,I couldn’t help laughing。at this time,There was a noise at the door,Wang Youcai couldn’t help being surprised,Could it be Tian Baby who caused trouble outside??
He hurriedly got up,Opened the door,No one else is standing outside the door,It is Gao Wei and Lu Monkey。So they both wanted to come in,But Tianwa won’t let it go,So I quarreled。
This really means that Cao Cao is here。Wang Youcai glanced at Gao Wei,Said coldly to Tian Wa:“Let them in!”Wang Youcai’s tone,It’s a bit like a big boss。
Gao Wei and Lu Monkey came in one after another,They just came in,Tian Wa quickly closed the door。Monkey Lu looked inside the house a little worried。
Lan Ling tidied her clothes and stood up,She smiled and said:“The two bosses are looking for boss Wang?”Lan Ling knowingly ask this。
Gao Wei glanced at Wang Youcai,Sat on the sofa,He said coldly:“Boss Lan!Don’t digress,We are here to find you,How did you think about what I told you last time??”
“Don’t think about it,There is absolutely no possibility”Wang Youcai suddenly said。
Gao Wei’s face changed drastically,He lowered his voice and said:“Boss Wang,What does this have to do with you?Did you play this slut?,You just want to help her?But i tell you,You open your mine,This matter has nothing to do with you,If you must participate in it,Don’t blame me for being rude then”