Lingnan Mountains,A military helicopter flies over。

Chen Xiu looked out from the helicopter,A clear blue sky never seen before,The first feeling this sky gave Chen Xiu was that it was very high,Very open,White clouds are unattainable,Elegant and light。The golden sun shines on the white clouds,White clouds emit a faint light,Gives a crystal clear feeling。
Look towards the ground,I saw patches of forest、Meadow and lake,Like a green carpet,Spread to the horizon。All kinds of exotic flowers bloom with colorful flowers,Colorful flowers,Dizzying。Trees growing on the ground,Even more,The vigorous branch pointed at the blue sky。
This gave Chen Xiu a feeling of returning to Shennongjia,Thought in mind:“The Li family would really find a place as the headquarters,The air inside the Lingnan Mountains is much cleaner than outside,It’s half the effort to practice!”
Chen Xiu is here this time,It was through the confession obtained from Luming that he found Li’s headquarters;I still know from Luming,Today is the day when the Li family elected the temporary family,All the masters of the Li family will come to the headquarters today,
He didn’t come to Li’s house for dinner,But to come over and kill all the senior leaders of the Li family。
As long as all the masters are finished,The Li family, which has passed on for more than 800 years, will be removed from the eight great families。
“Mr. Chen,Can’t fly ahead。”
“The mountains in front are very evil,Mountain mist and smoke all year round,Whether it is a helicopter or a fighter jet flying at a low altitude in front, it will crash。”
Chen Xiu looked in the direction the pilot pointed,I saw a towering green mountain range suddenly appeared ahead。This green mountain is like a dragon,Extend straight forward,The mountain is even shrouded in smoke,Can’t see its true colors,Just take a look from a distance,A breath of vicissitudes of antiquity is already coming,Make people happy physically and mentally。
“According to Lu Ming’s account of Li’s headquarters‘Wenfeng View’Is located on the top of Wenfeng Mountain,It should be here。Those planes that flew down from the low altitude of Wenfeng Mountain should be the people of Li’s family deliberately to avoid being harassed。”
Chen Xiu asked:“Is the mountain in front of Wenfeng Mountain??”
“Before, we had heard about it with local people in order to find the remains of the crashed plane,It’s not wrong to call Wenfengshan。”