“Let’s take a look at the recipe first?”Tian Lu responded politely。

The middle-aged uncle skillfully introduced the recipe,Pass the recipe to Guru friendly,Let her choose。
Tian Lu held it in her hand for a while,Simply ordered a few bowls of homemade stir-fry。After taking the order, the greasy uncle arranged her to sit in a corner of the store openly。
Bronze solid wood dining table and chair,On the table are hundreds of wooden chopsticks,It’s like a restaurant in a martial arts movie,Simple,The dim light creates a serene hue,Antique though,Most diners are not sophisticated,Suitable for family gatherings、A comfortable place for friends to gather。
Tian Lu came to this place for the first time,It is because the restaurant has a better reputation on the Internet,And the price is moderate,Taste meets the public,Just picked this。
Waiting time for serving,Tian Lu’s eyes are looking east,Bored observing around。
Milo squatting down,Honestly set his eyes on Tian Lu,Waiting for the host’s reward。
There is a TV hanging in the alley of the restaurant,For those who go to eat to pass the time,Add the lively atmosphere of the restaurant。
The news watch column is playing on TV,The beautiful female anchor is using her bright red lips to broadcast a piece of social news one by one:Now we will broadcast a revelation about finding dogs,A lady recently lost a Tony dog near the trendy women’s clothing market,Off-white fur,Ears are a bit curled.
“what,Which dog is so stupid,Can’t pee while walking as a mark,Never come home,What dog,Lose it。and many more,The dog looks like the same breed as Miró,Isn’t it Miró?。”
Tian Lu sneered at the comment,Look down at Mi Luo and the dog-hunting enlightenment picture on TV,Startled。
“Won’t it be you,Miro?”Tian Luzheng wants to watch dog hunting enlightenment on TV again,The screen has switched to other。
“Forget it,Whether it’s your Tony dog or not,Someone finds it。”Tian Lu domineering side leakage。
After a while on TV, it continued to broadcast,Mobilize all people to find Tony Dog,Offer a reward10Ten thousand,And played the enlarged daily photos of Tony Dog。
Tian Lu glanced at Miluo,Really lovely。Off-white fur,The tail is like an enlarged version of a reed,Fluffy,Neither long nor short,Injury is healed,The tail keeps shaking,Two big round eyes show soft gaze,Like crystal clear pearls shining。
“Are you the Tony dog they’re looking for??If it is,Will I get the contact I left after calling10Ten thousand yuan?Haha,Forget it,This girl is righteous,What will happen to you for money,But if you really are that family’s dog,You have to return it,What money do you want。Milo, are you right??”
“Tut,What a pity,How could that family accidentally lose the dog?,Is there a dog abuser?,Alas,nausea!”Tian Lu speaks alone,have a bee in one’s bonnet。