Where’s Qiao Ming?I didn’t even see the look Lin Yang threw at him,As soon as I saw the car, I greeted it。

And Lin Yang?
Even if I didn’t get a verbal reply from Qiao Ming,But seeing Qiao Ming’s action,Lin Yang knew it in his heart。
and so,After Lin Yang noticed that Qiao Ming was walking towards the car,He walked directly behind Qiao Ming。
“Second uncle,You are coming,Did you work hard on this journey?!”
Qiao Ming saw the car stop,I walked directly to the side of the car,Greeted the people in the car respectfully。
And the person in the car?
After hearing someone talking to him outside the car,I also lowered the window,Looked at Qiao Ming,Then said lightly:
“Qiao Ming,Your kid is tossing me today,After going back,You must have a good drink with your second uncle!”
After Qiao Ming heard what Qiao Zhenwu said,,Also opened the door directly,Greeted Qiao Zhenwu out of the car。
Then he smiled and said to Qiao Zhenwu:
“Second uncle,Your kindness,Nephew must have written it down,But this wine with Erbo,Even if there is no such thing as today,My nephew also wants to ask Er uncle to have a good meal。”
“Second Uncle is here for the first time today,After the matter here is resolved for a while,Uncle Lin will definitely arrange a local meal to entertain your second uncle,As for my meal,It’s up to the second uncle in time,As long as the second uncle gives me this opportunity,Then I must have come here with whoosh!”
“Hahahaha……Qiao Ming, you kid,This is for girlfriend,I dare to tell my second uncle what it really is!”Qiao Zhenwu was told by Qiao Ming’s words,I also laughed immediately。
Also at this time,Lin Yang has also come to Qiao Ming and Qiao Zhenwu。
I saw Lin Yang asking Qiao Ming with a flattering face at this time:
“Qiao Ming,This is your second uncle,Qiao’s head, right??”