‘When did Xin Zhao become a researcher?,Or this guy is purely acting in front of me13,Shouldn’t。I know what kind of person he is,When it’s time to install,Don’t you say he will go。

This kind of scene where only three people are watching,Doesn’t seem to be installed13Necessary。
Or,Does Xin Zhao really have something he doesn’t know??’
Chapter Two Hundred and Nineteen Demon analysis
Xin Zhao is of course studying the body of the devil seriously.、Pooh,I’ve mispoken,Should be the sequence of genes,And the composition of the atom。
This is a serious study, OK?。
As for the things that Angel Yan thinks are attracting her attention,If Xin Zhao knew she thought this way,,Will tell her,You are just thinking too much。
If Xin Zhao wants to attract Angel Yan’s attention,Talk to her directly,Some direct ones would be better,Why is it so troublesome?。
‘The genetic structure of this devil is different from that of the earth,Because of the local environment,Caused by the physical differences of these people,Or it’s because of Atto’s so-called sword of command。
What is going on with this sword?
Is the so-called genetic virus,Biochemical weapons?!
These demons feel like instinctive beasts,No IQ at all,Not to mention that the demons on the earth can have their own independent thoughts,Even has his own unique character。
If you analyze this aspect,Then these demons should belong to the simple evolutionary version,Better than ordinary people,If this Sniff is equipped with some corresponding weapons,Can also kill the devil。
but,The genetic structure of the human body on Ferrejo,I don’t know how?’
Thinking like this,Xin Zhao’s gaze fell directly on Snife,This mighty warrior,Much stronger than ordinary people on earth,If you can analyze his body。