“You really want to have trouble with us?”Grandma’s eyes narrowed,Looking closely at Xiang Chen。

“You can’t get through with me,I said it before,Hand over the antidote,Then i leave!”
Xiang Chen looked at grandma,This was originally a very simple thing,But when Xiang Chen saw the smile on grandma’s face,Xiang Chen suddenly felt like he had made some kind of mistake,But I can’t say clearly for a while。
“You’re good,But not smart enough!You can kill those people outside quietly,How could I expect the pistol to deal with you?What i want is this!”
Grandmother has a pink needle in her hand,Pierced into his son…
Chapter Three Seventy Five Mystery potion
Everything makes people see no signs,Xiang Chen is still chatting leisurely with grandma,Grandma’s son didn’t know it was because of being thrown on the ground by Xiang Chen.,It’s a good thing to be interrupted by Xiang Chen,Sitting beside her grandmother and crying。
Grandma grandma suddenly shot,Fast,Let Xiang Chen ignore her age。
Maybe because of sudden fright,Plus grandma’s strong push,Grandma’s son cried louder。
Xiang Chen couldn’t help grinning,Everyone says tiger poison can’t eat seeds,But this old lady is so cruel to her,To be the boss,Xiang Chen feels nothing strange。
“What is this?”
Xiang Chen held his mouth,Frown,Speak:“I said it all,I just want an antidote,Then take people away,You killed your own son,I’m so embarrassed!”
“Humph!Dogs bark,You kid just wait to die here!”
The grandmother first snorted to Xiang Chen,And then smiled coldly,As if it had succeeded in the scheme。