It’s his wife Nancy,Suddenly asked:“Mr. Fernandez,Why do you think that the Soviet Union also deliberately promoted this?”

Nancy’s question,Suddenly attracted Reagan classmates and Howard·Seashell gaze:Yes,Why is the Soviet Union willing to cooperate with us to promote nuclear disarmament?
Or simply say,The Soviets are not unaware of Mr. President’s current difficult situation,Then why does he help us、Help us in disguise?
“This is a good question,”Chen Geng nods slightly,Tao:“I don’t know how much our American intelligence power in the Soviet Union is,It is also uncertain whether the White House knows about Mr. Gorbachev’s current situation.……”
“Mr. Gorbachev’s current situation?”Howard·Baker asked surprised:“What’s wrong with his current situation?”
“I will give you an example:I saw a big fire in China’s Daxinganling area in a shopping mall in Moscow.,For this matter,I am very concerned,I also very much hope to provide China with some help within its capacity.……”
I heard Chen Geng talked about the fire in Daxinganling,Whether it’s Reagan or Mrs. Nancy、Howard·Baker,All subconsciously improve concentration,They all understand,Chen Geng was also giving an explanation on why he pushed China and the Soviet Union closer together, which the White House and the entire United States were concerned about.。
“I passed the Soviet UnionKGBA liaison person arranged by my side……This is the guy who came to America with me this time……goKGBChannel,Ask the Soviet government,Can I pay for it personally、How to rent Soviet firefighting planes and helicopters,Help Huaxia put out the forest fire、At the same time, rescue the trapped people in the fire area?”
Speaking of which,Chen Geng gave a slight meal,Took a breath,Tao:“But you never think of what happened。
Before,I have met with many senior government officials of the CPSU and the Soviet government,I am in moscow,Go againKGBChannel,But three days later,My letter has not been delivered to the Kremlin。”
There is such a thing?!
Classmate Reagan、Mrs. Nancy and Howard·Baker glanced at each other,The eyes of all three are incredible:What a joke,If Fernandez·Chen was in far away Siberia.,But this is in Moscow、This isKGBwhat,Such an outrageous thing could happen?
“Isn’t it ridiculous??I can’t believe it too,”Chen Geng said:“Three days later,I still contacted Mr. Gorbachev’s Deputy Director of the Office and Assistant International Affairs Valentin directly.·Mr. Stalyevich,This allowed Mr. Gorbachev to make the decision to support China。”
That’s it!
Although there are many words about Fernandez·Chen did not say,But whether it’s Nancy、Reagan classmate or Howard·Baker,Are all human beings,Through Chen Geng’s words,They immediately realized a very difficult problem for Gorbachev:Mr. Gorbachev, the Supreme Leader of the Soviet Union who has just been in office for less than two years,He was not firmly seated in the position of the General Secretary of the CPSU!