“That is still talking to what they say?Go together!”

正 气 的 士,A pair is not afraid of a lot of things.。
崆峒 五 老 闻 闻 红 红,Have a shelf,Others are also installed, unable to leave the sword handle。
“嘿嘿 嘿,Usually say what to do with Xie Xun does not share the sky,Now Xiexun is in front of,But I am afraid of Chu Tai.?Then go home and cry.,Life is reluctant,What to report??Also congratulations,Next time,It is replacing Shaolin,Bulls in this river,The world is unresolved……”
at this time,A burst of yin and yang strange sound,and……Everything is all,Listen carefully and feel far,Obviously it is also a high-yield!
“Where is the small thief?!”Chu Deirers did not finish,Have a big drink。
Suddenly“Emotive”Can,Positioning it backward,Chu Deirers waved、Star soft silk colors hidden in the sleeves,Precision,Drag out of the back。
Star branches of this soft silk,Not only the internal strength effect is excellent,And the more perfusion inner strength,The more crystal clear,At this time,Regular people also see it。
Just as if the Chu Deirers waved,Take one person in the crowd。
I saw this person torn at this neck.,What is it,And this person comes out,The voice of the yin and yang is also broken.,Obviously don’t find a wrong person!
No need to see,I can recognize their identity.,Pour the old acquaintance——White plate,Previously in Lushan,Lounted to Wang Yizhen half,So being laughing at the evil master。
Whiteboard is barely folded behind the head,Caulu people dragged it,Do not give it a chance to react,The right hand quietly lifted soft silk、The left foot kicks it down to kneel down,The left hand is in a white plate mask.,Suddenly see……
White plate mask,It is actually a slightly abstract human facial features.,some“Shout”style of,At the same time, the white board is coming.,Just send some in the throat“Bamboo”Movement。
With the action of the Chu Deirers left hand,As if the human shaped flue gas is born,Then, the whiteboard is still moving.,Chu Deirers kicked the past,His people are also stiff,Almost keep down the posture,Kick back to the crowd,Everyone looks at、Not only swallowed,And it seems to die, it is generally stiff.!
“Evil door,Lose weight!”Chu Deirers are properly qualified。
Be right,Again“Fossil”,Chu Deer seems“drag”What,In fact, it is forcibly given him.“Fossil”,Make it rapidly stiff,As for any humanoid flue gas with facial shape……
In essence, there is no difference between the street trick,Just need internal force……
But others can see,But it’s a cold。
Using regularly、Evil,Collecting a large number of nine-flow“Treasure”,In the hand of Chu Deirers,It became the light of the forward。
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 867 Fair battle
“die、died!Already stissible、All over……”
“how is this possible?Clearly!”
“The legend is not the first time.,The soul will leave?Could it be too old?……”
“It is definitely like this!You also saw it.?The three souls of the gray bats have been smoke,I……I also heard his scream.!”
“Bamboo!Don’t talk to people!Sprinkle home!”
“You won’t be afraid.?”
Everyone discovered,Gray bat that is taken out by Chu Deirers,Have been cool、stiff,As if you die,I can’t help but have some associations at a time.。
certainly,This is the Chu Deirers.,In fact, it is not difficult,Stiffness“Fossil”Caused、Coolness“Cold”Caused,As for the soul……
Like“Treasure”Obedation method,Sound effect is the sound simulation——Moreover, the Chu Deirers specially control the sound of sound.、Seems like。