But now,She is just a wounded in a wheelchair。When I think of myself not only can’t participate in the basketball game,I even lost the Glory Gun,She lowered her head sadly,I covered my eyes with the palms of my hands。The tears at this moment are for unwillingness and self-blame,She feels sorry for her strength in the army“God of War”Title,Disappointed the expectations of my teammates……

Everyone in the Flower and Grass team walked to Cao Anna,Surround her in the center,after all“Flower team”The only one“flower”Still need to protect。
“go!We go home!”Feng Xichuan said。
“No way,Boss Guo still has a treat!”Zhang Song shouted。
“Correct,Boss Guo should treat!”Shunzi also booed。
“amount……Ok,I invite everyone to eat‘Mom Hot Pot’……”Guo Yinzhe of Grande always wanted to make Cao Anna happy,Agreed to everyone’s request。
“okay!Eat hot pot!!!”The Huacao team shouted。
Anna Cao burst into laughter instantly,She touched her belly and groaned,In the morning, she didn’t care to eat to get to the Communication University’s competition venue,Just thinking of directing Guo Xiao、Zhang Song stole the wheelchair……
“what?I have to return the wheelchair?……Forget it,do not care!Or hot pot is more important!”Cao Anna quickly decided in her mind。
then,The members of the Flower and Grass team packed their bags and clothes,Several people leave the student activity hall together,Cao Anna was pushed first by everyone,And Lu Yi was the last in the team。
suddenly,There is a pink bow coat,Girls with ruffled denim skirts at the door,Say in a clear voice:
“I remember who you are!”
Lu Yi glanced suspiciously at Chen Nian who was stuck on the side,Then he ignored the girl who only met this morning,Went straight to my own“Crime tool”,That one is called“Ringer”Except the car bell doesn’t ring、Dilapidated bicycles that ring everywhere……
Prelude-newborn Chapter Sixty Two Back to normal
A ray of morning sun through the lavender in front of the windowsill,Gives a demure and comfortable feeling。
Anna Cao302I opened my eyes slightly on the bed in the ward,Saw a breakfast has been placed on the bedside table,I remembered the hot pot dinner and singing in the team yesterdayK,Lu Yi did not attend。
“What kind of person is he?Isn’t it my teammate??still is……”
Anna Cao recalled yesterday,Their third game against the Oscar team,Lu Yi actually hugged her in the game……
He holds Anna in one hand,It’s a little cool to hit the enemy with the pistol in one hand.……Although he was killed by a firebomb in the end……But it gives a sense of security。