One sentence has not been finished,There is only one person in the house.,His low head looking at portrait,Human:“Never want to,It turns out that three more days are so fast!”

Send away Mozhen’s soul,Yan Chi, the guy of the way,Use paper crane to call Liao Wenjie and pick up in his house。
“Master,Finally, you still help it.,I knew it,You are the kind of mouth,In the heart……”
“What is in my heart?,You have more nonsense!”
Yan Chi Qixia watched and picked up,Unhappy:“You two of the bold bilies,Actually dare to be in my site,People and ghost rooms,You don’t exist when you don’t exist.?Next step,Is it going to make people live in children??”
“Master,If you have a child……”
“you shut up!”
Yan Chi Qixia raises his hand to play,Scared and pick up your hands,Handle,Handle,Skilled heartache。
“Ager,That an qi token, what did you find?,Is it never used before??”
“Yes,After the first time。”
“The government is not the previous government.,Demon、Power is a respect……”
Yan Chixia is depressed,A half,Dislike:“Throw the token,It has been black from the head。”
Liao Wenjie heard a burst of incredible,I thought that the world was very chaotic.,did not expect,It turned out to be rotten。
“I am looking for you this time.,Tell you,I sent a ghost tire,Ghost Kings, the nine-tailed fox, will not give a good break。I don’t think the thief,You are ready,She dismantled the door,We will rush to the door,Put her old nest!”
Such hard?
“Master,Why are you so hard today??”
“I said that,Let you shut up!”
Yan Chiger is angry,Think about it is a big one,Can only endure。
“The ghost king is also a very common woman before the fox.,Deadly died on the way……”
Yan Chixia, tells the history of the family,Originally just an ordinary ghost,Obeys,Hide。I don’t know where to pass the heritage,Nine tail fox is getting stronger,Divided a territory in the world,Self-reliance。
Powerful strength makes her become vigorous,Especially like to kill women on marriage.,She can’t get it,Let others can’t get it.。
“Pick up,Still me。”
Really afraid to open the mouth,Liao Wenjie is a good card:“Yan Hexia,Where is the nest of Niujie Fox?,Why don’t you go during the day??”
“Previously chased,I found a spider silk mushroom,As for why not go during the day……”
Yan Biai smiled coldly:“The nest of the nine-tailed fox is in the government,Yin and Yang two entrance,Is it day or night?,There is no difference between there。”
Liao Wenjie:“……”
I still have to come now.,He wants to submit a queue application。
Yan Chi, push the case,Pull out a large wooden box,After opening,It is a golden silk weaving of copper money and large money swords.。
“Pick up,Put on it,I want to school tonight.,If you have a good expression,after……”
Yan Chixia turned to the window:“Tonight,You can get a teacher,It is life and death and I have nothing to do.。”
Pick up in front of you,He endured from the age of sixteen to twenty-five years old,I have been in a whole ten years,Finally, I finally。