“A hundred times the power of an atomic bomb,I can’t hold it!”

Chen Xiu can’t escape if he wants to escape now,A fierce punch on the wall of blood still doesn’t move,Anxious,Again quietly admonishing myself:“calm,The more the crisis, the more calm!”
“The old guy’s own strength can’t beat me,The wall of blood made by his blood should not be able to stop me,There must be a flaw!”
“But where is the flaw?”
Chen Xiu takes a few steps back,Look closely,I saw the blood wall formed a semicircular gas shield,Wrap the altar in it。
“This altar is so huge,With the strength of the old guy, it is impossible to maintain such a strong defense at all points.!”
“There must be something mysterious in it!”
Chen Xiu directly activated himself“Perspective eye”,With the improvement of his current cultivation,Learn more about cultivation,He also knew that he was actually“Perspective eye”Not really see-through eyes,It’s the observation of the energy fluctuations flowing on things through glasses。
This kind of energy fluctuation is not colorless,Most people can’t see or touch,Can’t feel there,It is stained on the surface of anything like phosphor,Chen Xiu’s“Perspective eye”Can really observe the existence of this energy,So there is an illusion that I thought I could really see through objects。
“Perspective eye”One open,Chen Xiu saw the short battle stuck on the ground continuously flowing out of energy to the wall of blood。
“It seems that all the energy of the blood wall comes from a mouthful of blood on the short battle,As long as the short battle is destroyed, the wall of blood can be destroyed!”
“But the short battle is behind the wall of blood,How can we destroy the short battle?”
Chen Xiu’s thinking was suddenly stuck on the question of whether there was a chicken or an egg first,It was messy for a while,An angry punch on the wall of blood,I saw that all the energy on the wall of blood gathered at the point where his fist attacked。
“Haha……” Chen Xiu laughed:“Special,Sure enough!I said that Old Ghost Qingyun’s current strength is impossible to support such a huge protective cover,All the points are so strong!”