Summer heat, heatstroke prevention, dampness and spleen

Summer heat, heatstroke prevention, dampness and spleen

Chinese medicine will be divided into five seasons a year, namely spring, summer, long summer, autumn and winter.

July and August are in the middle of the summer season.

In the long summer, the summer heats up, the two heats of the summer heat, the sun burning the earth, the ground is wet, forming two characteristics of heat and alternating.

In the ancient books of medicine, it is pointed out that “the summer heat is preventive from heat, and it is preventable from taking cold from summer and preventing moisture from being in summer.”

“It means that Changxia Health is important in preventing spleen and heat, while also paying attention to protecting the body’s yang and preventing excessive solitude due to summer heat.

  On the occasion of the coming of July, you will be awarded three major anti-health and dampness regimens.

  How to protect the spleen and the Ming Dynasty doctor Zhang Jingyue said: “Xia Yingxin and grow long, Changxia should change the spleen.”

“The characteristics of the spleen are like dry, afraid of wet and turbid.

When the evil spirits invade the human body, it will affect the digestive function of the spleen and stomach. People are prone to fatigue, fatigue, muscle soreness and other symptoms. Once the spleen’s transport function is weakened, the slenderness affects the physiological function of the liver, so the summer heat is heavy.In the spleen and dampness, to protect the spleen and yang.

The main point of caring for spleen and yang is to avoid excessive greed, including blowing air conditioners and eating too much cold drinks.

  The spleen and dampness diet therapy – glutinous rice red bean soup Tianjin Institute of Pharmaceutical Research Associate Professor Li Hongzhu introduced, glutinous rice, red beans are good ingredients to remove moisture in the body.

Mi Kezhi wet phlegm, stomach, edema, spleen and stomach, long-term service and light body.

Red beans, also known as “red bean”, are beneficial to the effect of water swelling and spleen and stomach.

In the summer, bowl of glutinous rice red bean soup can play the role of strengthening the spleen, dampness and nourishing blood.

  The specific method is: take the same amount of glutinous rice and red beans, soak the red beans for three or four hours, then cook with the glutinous rice, the upper layer of soup is water, and the lower granules are eaten.

Note that you cannot enlarge the rice because the rice is moisturizing.

You can add the glutinous rice red beans left after the soup is poured out to the millet and eat it together.

  The spleen and dampness road massage method – Mosquito, Suibanmen, Chiropractic, Moxibustion, Cheng’s acupuncture, the fourth generation of descendants, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Associate Professor Cheng Kai introduced appropriate acupoints for children and adults respectivelyMassage method.

  Children, especially children under the age of 3, are prone to have no appetite in the hot weather, and the diet is irregular. At this time, you can massage a child’s hand-spleen: the first finger joint of the thumb is close to the fingertips of the fingertips.Rotate the acupuncture point 200-300 gently by clockwise rotation, you can hold the spleen.

In addition, in the middle of the child’s palm, there is a hole called the door, which is also a good way to digest and strengthen the spleen.

The third method is the chiropractic, which is pinched from the bottom to the top of the child’s spine, pinching the skin up and twisting in turn, twisting the movement three times and then gently lifting it up, the child will feel a little sore, pinchAfter three to five ridges, the spine will be slightly reddish twice, which is ok.

  For adults, Cheng Kai suggests that you can often have a stomach, especially the stomach cramps.

Gently rub instead of licking, the warmth of the palm of your hand can help stimulate the digestive function of the stomach, thus protecting the spleen and yang.

  Spleen phlegm wet and wet scraping method – abdominal scraping inflammation summer plus sultry cross, the body feels sticky and uncomfortable, often easy to greedy, and even sweating is not afraid to blow air conditioning.

As everyone knows, such cold and heat changes, the pores of the human body are instantly closed, but it is easy to cause heat stroke.

Moreover, Chinese medicine theory believes that the sudden forced closure of the pores is equivalent to condensing the external cold air on the surface of the skin. It is now a cause of many skin diseases and high winds.

According to experts, folk scraping therapy can carry out good health care and therapeutic effects.

  The part that is easily affected by the wind and feels the heat of the heat is the upper third of the back of the human body, that is, the area of the shoulder.

The back scraping can increase the activity of the capillaries, which is more conducive to heat dissipation.

The specific method of operation is to use a scraping plate or porcelain spoon to smear a small amount of essential oil or olive oil to make it lubricate from the top along the spine from top to bottom, and then forward to the spine.

The 5-inch wide area is scraped from top to bottom, and then 3 inches from the spine, scraped from top to bottom in the same way.

About 5 to 8 shots per area, you don’t have to find the 痧, you can also compress the effect.

Front-end scraping can help prevent heat stroke and can also be used to relieve heat after heat stroke.