Wen Xu went back to his office to call Xiao Fan back,He came to the office,Say to Xiao Fan:“boss。Madam has cleaned up the table。”

“I go to。When Madam goes to your office,,Madam Wishes you to wipe the table,Already wiped,I didn’t use my hands at all。”
Xiao Fan said:“This was originally a punishment for you,Since you haven’t done it yet,Then i…”
“boss,I’m not to blame,I went to clean the table for you,but。Madam has finished cleaning。”
“I want to redeem it, there is no way,Not otherwise。Don’t bother me anymore。”
Xiao Fan stood up from Wen Xu’s office chair,tell him:“That line。Since you knew it was wrong,I won’t pursue it,I went back。”
“Your chair is quite comfortable,No wonder I fell asleep sitting on it。”
Wen Xu lowered his head and said:“Yes,boss,I never dare to sleep,I’ll send the documents right away。”
After Xiao Fan went out,Wen Xu took the document Xiao Fan sent just now and ran to deliver the document。
When Xiao Fan returned to the office, Lian Yuan hadn’t returned yet。Xiao Fan deliberately went to Lin Yuner’s table to take a look,Sure enough, Lin Yoona cleaned up pretty clean。
“how about it?I cleaned it up, right?。”Lin Yuner walked to Xiao Fan’s side,Said to him。
Xiao Fan said immediately:“This is indeed well packed。It looks exactly the same as before。”
Lin Yuner said to Xiao Fan:“You came here just now,Do you need her to help me clean up the table??”
Xiao Fan said:“Yes!I’ll find Wen Xu to help you clean up,I thought you couldn’t finish eating so fast。”
“Unexpectedly, when I went back to the office and told me that you had cleaned up the desk。”
Lin Yuna said:“I think you are already out,Then i have to。faster,Clean up。”
“Let you come back to work early,I’m finished,Let’s keep working,I haven’t finished reading the information just now。”