“Miss Wang,I do notkdkd8.Will grab it with you,Don’t choke yourself。”

Watching Wang Qiaoqiao eating,Han Genji couldn’t help but feel funny,It’s not that he deliberately made fun of Wang Qiaoqiao,It’s just that if Xiang Chen eats like this, Han Genji can understand,But as a girl, Wang Qiaoqiao,The food looks so lively,Han Genji still has never seen it。
“Sorry,I usually have to catch up with part-time jobs after get off work,So the eating speed is naturally a little faster。”
Wang Qiaoqiao saw Han Genji had put down her chopsticks,Seems to be confirming his own words,Don’t grab the food from the dinner table。
Smiled shyly,Wang Qiaoqiao also deliberately slowed down her chewing speed,At least eat like a qualified girl。
“Miss Wang lives very hard,But like you said,There are two part-time jobs after get off work,Is it too hard??”
Han Geunji raised the juice in front of him,Because Wang Qiaoqiao doesn’t drink,He has no points。
I heard Han Geunji’s question,Wang Qiaoqiao continued to smile politely,No choice to answer。
Brows slightly raised,I don’t know what touched Wang Qiaoqiao,She doesn’t want to answer,Han Genki continues with other topics。
“How did Miss Wang meet my boss??”
Since I don’t want to talk about myself,Then it is always feasible to talk about others,After all, standing and talking don’t hurt your back!Can’t invite people to dinner,Really just eat?Always create a little topic。
“Boss?Xiang Chen is your boss?”
Wang Qiaoqiao stopped her chopsticks for the first time,Look up and stare at Han Genji。After the latter nodded affirmatively,In a pair of big eyes,Even more suspicious。
Briefly describe to Han Genji,How did Xiang Chen hit the infusion room for a mother and daughter before?,Han Genji also deeply understands this,After all, no man will be angry for the same sex。And from Wang Qiaoqiao’s words,Han Genji has sketched out the appearance of the little girl called Gao Ya。
When Han Genji admired Xiangchen’s fate for women,Wang Qiaoqiao, who is sitting opposite him for dinner, is also quietly observing Han Genji’s behavior。
Well-dressed,Unexpectedly, I was riding a motorcycle to the hospital to invite myself to dinner,But still a gentleman,And didn’t start the car and bring yourself,It’s a home away from home by taxi。
Recalling the look of the locomotive parked in front of the hospital,This guy named Han Genji should be quite rich。
The corners of the mouth rise slightly,Suddenly Wang Qiaoqiao has the cunningness of a little fox。
“Since you invited me to this meal to thank me,If you can’t finish it for a while,,Can you pack it?”