Seeing that there are fewer and fewer people around Fat Dun,Fifty or sixty people from the beginning,There are less than ten people right now。

And at this moment,From the other end of the road there was a harsh whistle。
One by one,A total of three farm trucks ran across the road unscrupulously,There are at least a dozen people on each truck,Packed full。
These people jumped off the truck one after another,Some carry farm tools on their shoulders,Some have wooden sticks in their hands,Scolding,The scene is extremely chaotic。
Following these three big trucks,There are also seven or eight small three-wheelers that came after hearing the news,Stopped on the side of the road one after another,A large number of people have also emerged from the tricycle。
The workers at Liufang saw this situation,Frightened,I have to take away the familiar children。
It is estimated that all the young people in the nearby village have come,This is the tradition of fighting in the countryside,As long as someone instigates,People from the whole village are here,The scene is very scary。
text Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Five Pretend
? Seeing the people on the opposite side gather more and more,Almost surrounded the whole street,It’s black and full of human heads。
now,There are still seven people around Fat Dun,They all played with Liu Yi before,And Fat Dun are brothers born to death,Although it was already scared, my calf was shaking,But still persist,Guarding tightly beside Fatty。
And they all know,This is the battle between Liufang No. 1 Middle School and the village ruffians,If this battle is lost,From now on, Liufang people will not be able to look up,I don’t know how many students will be bullied by the villagers again。
Fat Dun looked at the dark crowd on the opposite side,Can’t help but look down at the sharpener in his hand,Can’t help but grin,He was probably thinking,If I just carried a pig knife。
More and more villagers,There are even some village children who are studying in Liufang High School have joined the team,They encircled the Fatty and them in the road aggressively。
The old village who runs the game hall cries triumphantly:“What happened?It’s not a human being just now?Now all of you Liufang people are scared?”