“Two,This is not a place to compete,And my time is precious,If yes,Let’s go ahead。”

When Qin Feng said this,Looking at the captain of the innate realm completely,The other side was taken aback,Suddenly understand,Qin Feng is saving him,By the way, he resolved the embarrassment just now。
Qin Feng glanced gratefully,And said in a voice as calm as possible:“Several,Get in the car if nothing else。”
At this moment, Wu Lang’s expression became a little more serious,Yang Yinyin is covering her mouth,Looks a little irritated。
The black glasses who had just received a punch by Qin Feng looked gloomy,But Wu Lang shook his head at him,He doesn’t say anything anymore,In this tense atmosphere,A few people in the car。Up to the back of the car,Yang Yinyin never forgets to tell Qin Feng
“Qin Feng,Don’t take what you just said to your heart,The guard in the area is very hot-tempered,In the absence of superior orders,Whoever has the big fist is the boss。”
Qin Feng doesn’t care,Whoever has the big fist is the boss,He just saves time。
Just drove the car inside,Someone came to check the vehicle。
After the captain’s explanation,There is no real body search。
It’s just that the four people including Wu Lang are blindfolded,Sat on the captain’s jeep together。
Yang Yinyin sits alone in the co-pilot,Qin Feng and Wu Lang huddled in the back seat。
“really interesting,Do this to us,Jiang Gu is not much better than here?”Black glasses were blindfolded and extremely dissatisfied,The tone of speech is very provocative。
“You can get out if you are not convinced,No one begs you!”
The captain who drove was also grumpy,Seeing that I have torn my face,Talking doesn’t give face at all。
“spit!Kind of fight with me for a while!”
If Qin Feng had just intervened,,The black glasses made the captain cry for father and mother,Where can I get him to speak?,At this moment, he became dissatisfied with Qin Feng again。
“Boy, dare you stop my fist,Pretty crazy,I think I’m invincible by being invited as a representative of Red Valley, right??”