I heard this,Li Hui also looked at the location of the basement door.,Sure enough, there is a camera existence。

At the same time, he first feels I am afraid he got off with Sun Yaru.,Lin City should have discovered what time, Lincheng should have discovered.。
For those who carefully cautious,He doesn’t believe that the other party will simply install monitoring at the door.。
“Let it go,If he finds,I am afraid I have discovered it.。”
Say,Li Hui Raw is not using the key,It’s easy to open the door.。
“Open the door,Li Hui is surprised。”
I saw that the basement was decorated very luxuriously,And all kinds of sex props should have,It is simply a large-scale amusement city.。
Sun Yaruan looked at the fun props,Pretty face is also popular,With Li Hui,She suddenly has a kind of feeling that has been found.。
Especially I think that I have used things.,It’s even more difficult to。
“Which room is in other people??”
“Forehead,It should be in the largest room,After all, I am not there.,He has always been happy there。”
I heard Sun Yaru’s pointing,Li speaks straight to the door and go。
Just walk to the door,He heard the voice of Yan Yan in the house.。
The sound insulation is better than he thinks.。
He has no violence to open,But use spiritual power to make a key,Then open the door。
Instant door,The few women in Lincheng and the house are stunned.。
Sun Yaru has some fear of standing in Li with the wind.。
“Trough,Who let you bring him??”
Seeing Li Hui’s appearance,Lin Cheng is also a speechless。
Frontal,He doesn’t think he can just pass Li Hui’s。
“I let her take me over.,Today, I want to think with you.。”
Li Hui Feng frowned and looked at the naked naked in Lincheng.,Especially the other party is still in his face, there is no concern, it is life.。
Such a mentality, he has to admire each other.。
If it is placed in any other man, I am afraid that it is scared.。
“What do you find me??
If you have n’thing, take her.,I have no mood now to play with you.。”
“I am not playing with you today.,I am going to be with you.,Don’t find Sun Yuru in the future.,Also do I find you bullied him,Otherwise you will regret it.。”
I heard the words that Li Hui Feng is so big bright.,Lin Cheng is laughing.。
Li Hui Rong is today, if it is hidden,He may really take the other party as a dish.。
But just hide your emotions so you don’t understand,Don’t say that Li speaks from the wind.,It is a matter of this, he feels that it can be given by him.。