Fang Yu hasn’t said anything else yet?

It’s impossible,She actually likes Shang Yu?
It’s unlikely……
Must be an illusion!
First141chapter I don’t allow!
Fang Yu just parked the car soon,I saw Doctor Bi who was not far away greeted。
“Why only us?”
I saw only Doctor Bi,Fang Yu hesitated。
This seems to be different from what I imagined!
“Is such that……I think we just eat whatever we want。No need to bring other people……mainly,I don’t know them well!”
Doctor Bi said helplessly。
Although she is a high-level figure in the hospital,But I don’t get along well with other people。
But with other old doctors,Get along well!
But people,But I don’t have time to have supper with them。
and so,She is the only one left to eat with Fang Yu。
“Nothing!I just think it’s weird……What to eat?”Fang Yu looked at the menu,Usually eat skewers、Or waist、Meatballs and some vegetables。