Prevent skin itching from moisturizing and warmth

Prevent skin itching from moisturizing and warmth

Itchy skin is a common disease in winter, and cognac is the most common of more than 3,000 allergic skins. Doctors recommend that in addition to emotional control, warm work should be done in winter, take a bath twice a day, and add moisturizing shower gel.If you have to see a doctor, try not to take an injection, take medicine, and choose a better way to apply it.

  In order to effectively treat skin diseases caused by various causes in winter, the Taipei Municipal Chronic Diseases Complication Hospital began to open special dermatology clinics this month. In addition to Western medical dermatologists, Western medicine methods will also be used in conjunction with Chinese medicine.And teach patients to properly consume food according to their physique, and then adjust the diet to improve the curative effect.

  Sun Gan, a dermatologist in a chronic hospital, pointed out that when winter arrives, many people must have the pain of “no need to eat, it will itch here, itchy”, which is mostly dry skin, dust cover, irritating air, climate change, environmental change.And personal hygiene is not good.

  In a variety of allergic skin, cognac is the most common and most sensitive symptom, the most serious will be skin peeling, both indecent and itchy; Sun Gan said that cognac formation is mainly related to climate, moodLife, stress, day and night, etc., so people with poor living habits, as soon as the climate changes, immediately appear skin itching symptoms.

  He went on to point out that many people will improve because they live abroad, but not everyone can immigrate because of this, so the usual preventive health work is very important; he suggested that the weather is getting cold, patients should keep warm, don’t bathe often, orWash the water with too high temperature, try not to use soap, and choose the bath products and skin care products with good moisturizing ingredients.

  If it is necessary to seek medical treatment, the public does not have to worry too much about the use of steroids. In fact, steroids are one of the most effective methods for treating dryness.