The first three days of "May 1", Hangzhou has received 623.9 million visitors.

Original title: "May 1", Hangzhou has received 10,000 visitors in the first three days! On May 3, the heat of the scenic spots in the "Shuangxi" scenic spot, Liangzhu Ancient City Site Park, Qinghefang and other urban scenic spots continued, and the instantaneous area passenger traffic continued to rise.

On day 3 of the holiday is also the peak day of the "May 1" holiday, Hangzhou has experienced the test of the peak of tourist passengers. It is expected that passenger traffic will be dropped from May 4, the afternoon or ushered in the return small peak. From the perspective of overall tourists, as of 3 pm on May 3, the West Lake Scenic Area (including Xixi Wetland) received 10,000 visitors, and the Hubin Pedestrian Street received 10,000 visitors; the Historical block of Qinghefang received 10,000 visitors, Song Cheng Scenic Area received tourists Ten thousand people, the canal scenic spot receives tourists, the Qiandao Lake Scenic Area receives thousands of people, the Liangzhu Museum receives 10,000 visitors, and the Liangzhu Ancient City Site Park receives 10,000 visitors.

The various types of cultural theme projects in each area of ??each district (county, city), gather popularity and grounding, and the passenger flow of the peak of the main urban area places a certain shunt, reducing the passenger flow pressure of the key scenic spot.

In the past few days, Tonglu Yaolin Wonderland, Yan Zhiling Fishing Station, Qi Mountain and other scenic spots, tourists have a wave high over a wave, break the 2019 episode of the same period; Lin’an River Bridge Gu Town National Frozen Digital Theme Town Scenic Area "Fox Shi Xiao Niang" Immersion night tour opening, use "Anime + Technology + Night Tour" ancient town new experience model, so that the scenic spot has become a new favorite of the "net red" of the country swimming card. "The May Day holiday is full, most of the store will order one month in advance.

"Nearby the" Cloud Acacia "B & B in the Grand Canyon of Zhejiang West, this year’s" May 1st "room reservation speed, far ultra Qingming small holiday, the founder of the home, Zheng Li, is" not expected "to describe the" May 1 "heat.

Star hotel, boutique home and B & B is hot, booking "rising" sound, became the normal state of Hangzhou "May 1st" tourism market, the total booking is basically the same as 2019. According to the city’s cerebral forest system hotel, B & B bookings data, Tonglu, Lin’an, West Lake’s boutique homes are high, and Xiaoshan Hotel has exceeded the city average. (Editor: Jin Zhongyao, Kang Mengqi).