“A hundred times the power of an atomic bomb,I can’t hold it!”

Chen Xiu can’t escape if he wants to escape now,A fierce punch on the wall of blood still doesn’t move,Anxious,Again quietly admonishing myself:“calm,The more the crisis, the more calm!”
“The old guy’s own strength can’t beat me,The wall of blood made by his blood should not be able to stop me,There must be a flaw!”
“But where is the flaw?”
Chen Xiu takes a few steps back,Look closely,I saw the blood wall formed a semicircular gas shield,Wrap the altar in it。
“This altar is so huge,With the strength of the old guy, it is impossible to maintain such a strong defense at all points.!”
“There must be something mysterious in it!”
Chen Xiu directly activated himself“Perspective eye”,With the improvement of his current cultivation,Learn more about cultivation,He also knew that he was actually“Perspective eye”Not really see-through eyes,It’s the observation of the energy fluctuations flowing on things through glasses。
This kind of energy fluctuation is not colorless,Most people can’t see or touch,Can’t feel there,It is stained on the surface of anything like phosphor,Chen Xiu’s“Perspective eye”Can really observe the existence of this energy,So there is an illusion that I thought I could really see through objects。
“Perspective eye”One open,Chen Xiu saw the short battle stuck on the ground continuously flowing out of energy to the wall of blood。
“It seems that all the energy of the blood wall comes from a mouthful of blood on the short battle,As long as the short battle is destroyed, the wall of blood can be destroyed!”
“But the short battle is behind the wall of blood,How can we destroy the short battle?”
Chen Xiu’s thinking was suddenly stuck on the question of whether there was a chicken or an egg first,It was messy for a while,An angry punch on the wall of blood,I saw that all the energy on the wall of blood gathered at the point where his fist attacked。
“Haha……” Chen Xiu laughed:“Special,Sure enough!I said that Old Ghost Qingyun’s current strength is impossible to support such a huge protective cover,All the points are so strong!”

One of the Li’s guards,I don’t even have time to toss,Just fell straight down。

See these,At this moment Wang Teng shrugged。
And Li Kangjie, the head of the Li family,In the heart of the whole person,Even more angry。
Such a thing,Put it now,There is still a need to deal with it。
Li Kangjie’s heart,Obviously think so。
“Interesting,but now,some things,In fact, there should still be this need to be resolved!”
When Li Kangjie looked at these,The more so,Actually from the current point of view,How to deal with these issues,There is still this need to be resolved as soon as possible。
After watching for a while,Now,Li Kangjie’s whole body is more indifferent as he thinks about it。
“but,these things,Is it so capable??”
“Humph,It looks like,People who really can’t see,It’s you。”
Li Kangjie see here,The more so,In fact, it looks like Li Kangjie,These things,The more I watch it, the more interesting it becomes。
And put it here,Wang Teng at this time,It seems very indifferent。
“Is it just these?”
When Wang Teng looked at these,at this time,Wang Teng waved his hand even more,Don’t forget to say here。
The more so,In fact, when Wang Teng saw him,Now,Wang Teng shrugged slightly。
“If you are really just such a little trick,Then there is actually no need to continue like this。”
“Even in my look,Actually you,There is no chance。”
Wang Teng said,Waved,Signal to the people around you to start。

Naturally, the cleaning and restoration of cultural relics and antiques can’t make him new.,In that way, the historical traces of the antique itself are lost。

Chen Xiu himself was completely silent. In the restoration work, he completely forgot everything about the outside world and the passage of time.,All attention is focused on the stove。
Five o’clock in the afternoon,An old man walked into the shop。
“Old man,What do you need?”Song Shihe up to welcome guests。
“You busy you,I just take a look。”
The old man’s shop went around,Obviously also an expert,Nothing on the display has a good eye and is about to go out,Suddenly he was attracted by the Xuande stove that Chen Xiu was playing with on the desk。
Take a look at Chen Xiu’s repair method,Very jerky,Curse:“Kid,You are destroying, not repairing,Getting started……”
He scolded here but stopped dumb,All his attention is on Chen Xiu’s hands,I saw that although his hands are not as slender and delicate as the advertising hand model,But it is extremely safe,Can’t see a trace of tremor,More stable than the top surgeon holding a scalpel,The dirt on the copper furnace is not a little too much and not a little。
Chen Xiu was out of state when he shouted,Too much to see is a half-hundred old man with a childlike look,I’m staring at my hands without blinking my eyes。
“Old man,My approach is wrong?”
“correct,But not perfect。”
The old man took Chen Xiu’s hand as if he was playing with beautiful jade.:“Really good hands。”
“Isn’t this old guy old glass?。”

One sentence has not been finished,There is only one person in the house.,His low head looking at portrait,Human:“Never want to,It turns out that three more days are so fast!”

Send away Mozhen’s soul,Yan Chi, the guy of the way,Use paper crane to call Liao Wenjie and pick up in his house。
“Master,Finally, you still help it.,I knew it,You are the kind of mouth,In the heart……”
“What is in my heart?,You have more nonsense!”
Yan Chi Qixia watched and picked up,Unhappy:“You two of the bold bilies,Actually dare to be in my site,People and ghost rooms,You don’t exist when you don’t exist.?Next step,Is it going to make people live in children??”
“Master,If you have a child……”
“you shut up!”
Yan Chi Qixia raises his hand to play,Scared and pick up your hands,Handle,Handle,Skilled heartache。
“Ager,That an qi token, what did you find?,Is it never used before??”
“Yes,After the first time。”
“The government is not the previous government.,Demon、Power is a respect……”
Yan Chixia is depressed,A half,Dislike:“Throw the token,It has been black from the head。”
Liao Wenjie heard a burst of incredible,I thought that the world was very chaotic.,did not expect,It turned out to be rotten。
“I am looking for you this time.,Tell you,I sent a ghost tire,Ghost Kings, the nine-tailed fox, will not give a good break。I don’t think the thief,You are ready,She dismantled the door,We will rush to the door,Put her old nest!”
Such hard?
“Master,Why are you so hard today??”
“I said that,Let you shut up!”
Yan Chiger is angry,Think about it is a big one,Can only endure。
“The ghost king is also a very common woman before the fox.,Deadly died on the way……”
Yan Chixia, tells the history of the family,Originally just an ordinary ghost,Obeys,Hide。I don’t know where to pass the heritage,Nine tail fox is getting stronger,Divided a territory in the world,Self-reliance。
Powerful strength makes her become vigorous,Especially like to kill women on marriage.,She can’t get it,Let others can’t get it.。
“Pick up,Still me。”
Really afraid to open the mouth,Liao Wenjie is a good card:“Yan Hexia,Where is the nest of Niujie Fox?,Why don’t you go during the day??”
“Previously chased,I found a spider silk mushroom,As for why not go during the day……”
Yan Biai smiled coldly:“The nest of the nine-tailed fox is in the government,Yin and Yang two entrance,Is it day or night?,There is no difference between there。”
Liao Wenjie:“……”
I still have to come now.,He wants to submit a queue application。
Yan Chi, push the case,Pull out a large wooden box,After opening,It is a golden silk weaving of copper money and large money swords.。
“Pick up,Put on it,I want to school tonight.,If you have a good expression,after……”
Yan Chixia turned to the window:“Tonight,You can get a teacher,It is life and death and I have nothing to do.。”
Pick up in front of you,He endured from the age of sixteen to twenty-five years old,I have been in a whole ten years,Finally, I finally。

Farm in Jingnan Changsha,Sneeze……

I found someone in the year.“Flower chief”,Now“Short-term”NS?
“It is difficult to die?That is still inviting the moon and the pity star two palace owners……”Wanchun flow is obviously not wrapped in。
Chu Deiren heard a patted table,Anger:“Yes!Be too university!What do you do for a child??Isn’t it the feeling of cracking??I don’t know if he is not forgetting to Jiang Feng’s little white face.!Waiting for me to meet her,Be sure to say some!”
Wanchun is still thought that Chu is going to play with himself.,Just want to mighty can’t succumb,As a result, he did actually say this.,Instinctive:“Not、Not……”
Wanchun flow is guess,It’s not an medium.,Chu Deirers rushed on white:“Why not?Don’t say it is you,I have long seen this.!No need to persuade,I will never let go of her.,Always don’t forget Jiang Feng!”
“what?what……”Wanchun’s eyes are a bit emptied……Is we discussing this matter??
“That `s a deal!”Chu Deirers said that they can’t help but refute,Then I turned and asked:“Is that waiting for the dragon mountain?,If you have a million god doctor, go to the pity.?”
When did I promise??
But after watching the Chu Deiren, I saw it for a while.,Wanchun sighs:“it is good,However, meridians injury,There are different conditions,The old man is trying to。”
One is a Chu Deirers saved the little fish,Two to Wanchun,Three……After all, it is a pity star.,Not inviting the month!
Wanchun is still thinking about it at this time.,I want to change to Yan Daxia here.,I will definitely ask him to shoot.……
Chu Deirers are also curious,Real Yannan Tian,Didn’t flow together with Wanchun,That is where to hide?
However, I didn’t make doubts.,Solver Wanchun, knowing that hences broke the plan of Yannan Tianhe Lu Zhongyuan,Heart will add tension in the heart。
Chu Deirers thought about it.,This has not used the love of the Fuyang Wangfu.——It is not considered Zhao Min.“ransom”?Can’t count it.?
After leaving the ruling hall,Chu Deiren returned to the inn,I found a lot of people stared at you all the way.……
Although it is hidden,What is dressed,But most of you have no hidden walking——Obviously the sound of the Longshan Villa,and……God Hou also take it in this,That is to monitor him!
It seems at least on June 15、Before the heart wakes up,Zhao ignored the absolutely dare to relax and vigilant against any wind in Beijing.。
Chu Deirers,It is also“Awareness”Can you safely。
Therefore, I received a book of Murongjiu sent from Xiaohong at night.,It is also to write to the Chu Deer.,Waiting for the next June 15th。
Chu Deirers are very understanding,But at this time in the county,Murongjiu is already drunk gold branch——Yun Luo knows that you can’t find Chu Deirers in these days.,Can’t blame 驸 驸 谎,The result is under the nine anger of Murong、Pressing the knees,piaHomemaster……
The two noisy all night!
In the middle of the people,Slightly alarmed……
God also gets a message the next day,I learned that Yun Luojie is a fierce quarrel with the horses.!
Thirty thousand in the room,After watching the communication, he said:“It seems that Yunli County is the Chu Deirers.,Still?If not Murong is copying,Once they meet them,Maybe a variable。”
“different,Yun Luo knows that he is a false marriage,Naturally, it will be repeated,Cute deer people don’t know,How can ordinary men accept?”Zhao Tie said very reasonable.。
If you don’t know how to Murong,In other perspectives,At this time, Murong Fu and Yunli fake marriage,Extract、Balance of Cao Zhengyu,Among them, Murong has already turned his face.、Gossip,Yun Luo and Chu Deer have also similar to the road。
And in God Hou and Thirty Thousands,Chu Deirers have also counted,Start alienation、Contact with royal family is cut off——This is also the effect they want to achieve.!
So the Chu Deirers,The county households have quarrels,It is estimated that it is speculated that Yun Luo wants to see Chu Deirers.,But by Murong!

I heard this,Li Hui also looked at the location of the basement door.,Sure enough, there is a camera existence。

At the same time, he first feels I am afraid he got off with Sun Yaru.,Lin City should have discovered what time, Lincheng should have discovered.。
For those who carefully cautious,He doesn’t believe that the other party will simply install monitoring at the door.。
“Let it go,If he finds,I am afraid I have discovered it.。”
Say,Li Hui Raw is not using the key,It’s easy to open the door.。
“Open the door,Li Hui is surprised。”
I saw that the basement was decorated very luxuriously,And all kinds of sex props should have,It is simply a large-scale amusement city.。
Sun Yaruan looked at the fun props,Pretty face is also popular,With Li Hui,She suddenly has a kind of feeling that has been found.。
Especially I think that I have used things.,It’s even more difficult to。
“Which room is in other people??”
“Forehead,It should be in the largest room,After all, I am not there.,He has always been happy there。”
I heard Sun Yaru’s pointing,Li speaks straight to the door and go。
Just walk to the door,He heard the voice of Yan Yan in the house.。
The sound insulation is better than he thinks.。
He has no violence to open,But use spiritual power to make a key,Then open the door。
Instant door,The few women in Lincheng and the house are stunned.。
Sun Yaru has some fear of standing in Li with the wind.。
“Trough,Who let you bring him??”
Seeing Li Hui’s appearance,Lin Cheng is also a speechless。
Frontal,He doesn’t think he can just pass Li Hui’s。
“I let her take me over.,Today, I want to think with you.。”
Li Hui Feng frowned and looked at the naked naked in Lincheng.,Especially the other party is still in his face, there is no concern, it is life.。
Such a mentality, he has to admire each other.。
If it is placed in any other man, I am afraid that it is scared.。
“What do you find me??
If you have n’thing, take her.,I have no mood now to play with you.。”
“I am not playing with you today.,I am going to be with you.,Don’t find Sun Yuru in the future.,Also do I find you bullied him,Otherwise you will regret it.。”
I heard the words that Li Hui Feng is so big bright.,Lin Cheng is laughing.。
Li Hui Rong is today, if it is hidden,He may really take the other party as a dish.。
But just hide your emotions so you don’t understand,Don’t say that Li speaks from the wind.,It is a matter of this, he feels that it can be given by him.。

Wang Youcai listened,Thought,Why is this guy again。What age is it,Don’t want to make some money,Always use his old methods,It seems that this person is leaving Pingdu。

Lan Ling didn’t say a word when seeing Wang Youcai,So she rubbed her plump breasts on Wang Youcai’s arm and said:“Wang Ge!Can you help my sister settle this matter??“
Wang Youcai listened,The whole person is almost crisp,Lan Ling keeps calling him Boss Wang,This suddenly changed his name to his brother,Wang Youcai is a little floating。It stands to reason that he is a man who stays in the mountains,It’s better not to participate in such things,But watching Lan Ling look so charming,Wang Youcai has a hard time。
Lan Ling is a messenger outside,Naturally good at observing beauty,She hesitated when she saw Wang Youcai,I knew it was a bit tricky。So she put her mouth in Wang Youcai’s ear,What did you say quietly。
Unexpectedly, Wang Youcai hugged her and said:“No way,I don’t want either,I want you,And just now“Wang Youcai said,So he pushed Lan Ling down on the sofa。
Lan Ling is like a live fish on the chopping board,Being teased by Wang Youcai。Finally, as the two gasps,They rolled into a ball。
Afterwards,Lan Ling sorted her clothes,Complained:“You are such a beast,Always here。Which two women came back last time,Didn’t even go to work the next night,I really lost it“
Wang Youcai heard what Lan Ling said,I couldn’t help laughing。at this time,There was a noise at the door,Wang Youcai couldn’t help being surprised,Could it be Tian Baby who caused trouble outside??
He hurriedly got up,Opened the door,No one else is standing outside the door,It is Gao Wei and Lu Monkey。So they both wanted to come in,But Tianwa won’t let it go,So I quarreled。
This really means that Cao Cao is here。Wang Youcai glanced at Gao Wei,Said coldly to Tian Wa:“Let them in!”Wang Youcai’s tone,It’s a bit like a big boss。
Gao Wei and Lu Monkey came in one after another,They just came in,Tian Wa quickly closed the door。Monkey Lu looked inside the house a little worried。
Lan Ling tidied her clothes and stood up,She smiled and said:“The two bosses are looking for boss Wang?”Lan Ling knowingly ask this。
Gao Wei glanced at Wang Youcai,Sat on the sofa,He said coldly:“Boss Lan!Don’t digress,We are here to find you,How did you think about what I told you last time??”
“Don’t think about it,There is absolutely no possibility”Wang Youcai suddenly said。
Gao Wei’s face changed drastically,He lowered his voice and said:“Boss Wang,What does this have to do with you?Did you play this slut?,You just want to help her?But i tell you,You open your mine,This matter has nothing to do with you,If you must participate in it,Don’t blame me for being rude then”

“Seren’s life level,If you can break through the eighth level,Strength should be improved,I’m afraid the degree of close to the strong sea。”

Breakthrough in life level,Just increase physical strength、Resilience these,It won’t be of much help to attack power。
and so,Seren will not increase his strength after breaking through。
Want to break through to the point where the sea is strong,I am afraid that all aspects will be close to the level of a general,Very difficult。
There are probably only a few hundred strong men on the sea,Distributed all over the world,Can say very little。
First112chapter Wander in front of the Tianlongren
Two days passed quickly,Wait till the morning of the third day,Leo learns that a Tianlongren has come to Shampoo。
“What a coincidence,It’s actually an old acquaintance!”Leo couldn’t help but smile。
There are only a few Denon people in the previous anime,The family was beaten,In addition, too few Tianlong people officially appeared。
This time it’s the guy who bid 500 million for the murloc chick。
“The guy looked at his brain not very well,Should be foolish!”
The pure-blooded Tianlong people have a somewhat abnormal brain,After all, there are only twenty families,These centuries of hybridization,Everyone’s blood relationship is very close。
There seem to be less than 20 Tianlong people now,I heard that there are only 16 remaining?
Leo with Troangoth,Towards area one。
“Boss,We really want to find that Tianlongren?”Troangot is a little worried。
Although in anime,It’s nonsense that you have to kneel when you meet a dragon,But ordinary people do not dare to sway in front of the Tianlong people。
Even cadres of underground forces like them are unwilling to be targeted by the Dragon。
“What are you afraid of,What can I do to you against him?”

Face panicked:“You are still the first time.?”

Lu Haokai has become a little bad.,Norganic look at Gu Anan,This is a big trouble.。
He never provoked a woman like this。
Gu Ai’an sad pupil,Some somewhat looked at the red plum,A strong desperate,There is still tears in the eyes,But more and more。
Knocking outside。
Lu Haokai’s heart,I am not jumped by myself.,He instantly annoyed,Unreasonable fire,Brow,Roar:“What’s up?”
“Two young masters,Lu always makes you in the past,Miss Gu is also in the past。”
Lu Haokai,It is the voice of his father’s secretary Liang Wei,He is a tight,Why do they know??
He took a minute,Let your own calm down。
But,There is still no countermeasures in my mind。
She has to get up and bathe,Go to the door of the bathroom,He turned back,Looking at it, still in the sadness,I know that her first is left to Lu Haozheng.,He is not a taste,He wrinkled。
Cold channel:“Wear clothes,For a while。”After finishing, I entered the bathroom.。
When two people appear again in Lu Wei, they were already half an hour.。
Seeing the parents of both sides,The two moments are uneasy.。
Gu Xihong’s anger treated Lu Haokai,The sharp looks on the mall,Map:“Lu Haokai,Hello big courage,Dare to dare to move my daughter。”
Gu Xihong’s words,Let Gu Ai En-hearted a comfort。
Dad usually very cold to her ,Tonight is for her,For Lu Haokai,She finally felt a warm warm。
tonight,what is the problem?
Lu Haokai’s glitter,One by one is full of everyone’s face,When falling on his own father’s face,See the father’s face,He is afraid of him in an instant.。
His hands in hand,Swallow vomiting:“Gu Bo,I,I don’t know what is going on here.?”
NS170chapter:I was also shocked at the time.

NS170chapter:I was also shocked at the time.
“Come now to shirk responsibility。”Gu Xihong, looking at him.,“Lu Haokai,Do you really feel that our Gu family is no one??”Gu Xihong angry roar。
Although he doesn’t like the righteous woman who is adopted by his wife.,But crowned their household names,It is the person of their households.,In front of the outside,Never allow it to be spoke to others。
His blue blue,He always believes she is still living in this world.,One day will return to their side。
I think of my daughter,Gu Xihong is like a piercing pain,If the blue is still,Their family must be very happy。
Blue blue is very cute,I will seriously care about people.,He goes home every day,Just see the daughter powder dump and happy smile,He is exhausted one day,Instantly disappear。
Qin Ningyi,Smile:“Overall,look,Things have also happened,Now blamers who are late,Then,This thing is a slap in his capture.,Do you still have to discuss it?,How to solve this thing?”
Gu An’an Unbelievable tears looked at Qin Ning,How can she say this?,this matter,It is she arranged.。
Finally, it turned her son.,She really doubts,She is not intentional.?
“Lu Bu,you”
“Anan,I know that you are wronged.,But things have happened,Everyone is an adult,Things always have to solve。”Qin Ning smiled and looked at Gu Ai’an,Interrupt her words,That looks。
Gu An An instantly has a dumb to eat yellow,I can’t say it hard.。
She feels her heart,There is a kind of power in the rising recovery,A pain,Quietly crawl over the whole body,One of the cells that bite her body,Her pain, she is slightly curled up.。
Her beautiful face,Red halo,Bright eyebrows,Holding hands together。
She is a piece of chess that will be abandoned by Gu Jia at any time.,now,She can only marry Lu Haokai,At least,She still has a little use。
Looking at Mom and Dad don’t talk,Two brothers are also silent sitting,She can only strive for her own。
Her mouth is difficult to pull out a touch of faint smile,Gentle:“That Lubu wants to do what to do?I am awakened,The people lying around are Lu Haokai,I was also shocked at the time.?”

Lyon is going to play,Liao Wenjie by the side lifts the hand。

“calm down,You will only make him cool.,Don’t。”
Lie,Liao Wenjie frowned to see ghost:“Although I am not very understanding of evil spirits,But on your legs,with all due respect……Is the curse really on your leg??”
Ghost King raises his hand with thumbs up:“Ager,Your eyes are good,The curse is indeed on my leg.,It is on another leg。”
“How to say?”
“I participated in the free fight competition.,Mandabate neon karate master,I have encountered nonsense, I have not broken my leg.。At that time, there were the people who told me.,Don’t be too arrogant,Especially the people of the martial arts,Interrupt others’s legs,Isometric waste of people for a lifetime,I will give yourself a retreat.。”
Ghost King laughs,Continue to say:“I am young.……Ok,I am too floating.,Have you can’t hear it in a word.,Still in my life。”
“so,You are revengeen by neon?”
Ghost Kings continued to say,He participated in neon free fight for three consecutive years.,All win the championship,But everyone’s hand mask,No matter what genre,I met him is the lower leg.。
These three years,He played a neon empty hand drawn layer alone.,Upper and lower green yellow,International influence and day slip。
certainly,He is not a fool of iron,The challenge of the old guys is ignored,Pick the same age。
Finally one day,The karate masters of the broken water are out of the mountain.,This version of cultivation is the hand of the ancient sky.,In the foreign name,But in the neon martial arts status is very high。
Disappropriation of water,Low-key,Every generation of museums only received two three disciples,Herbiculous life without hidden world。
Generate inheritance,History of thousands of years,The door is amazing。
Cao Dada received a challenge,On a Sino-Japanese Friendship Competition,The high-grade decent。Both sides a battle,The other party is obviously ready,And in order to wash the blank body,Special attacked Ghost Wang。
This match,Chess blonde half a catty,final result,The two people fight together,Ghost King,The water is broken, and the waist is injured.。
The game is over,According to rules,Ghost King stands standing,Be sentencedko。
“Wait a minute,Half a day,Where is the curse?,When did you be cursed??”Liao Wenjie can’t help but interrupted,Ghost King is full of arrogance,I have not mentioned the matter.。
“Curse,I don’t know at the time.,Later, the broken leg kept well.,I found that the situation is not right,Looking for senior people in senior,People tell me……The situation is very troublesome。”
The curse of the ghostwood is very evil door,It is a neon spell master personally fencing,Find a birthday eight words and his,Remove his silk blood,First, I will curse it on the ghost.,Return to the ghost king。
“No bar,You are too unhappy.,Even if you have hair,How to even have a bloody?”Liao Wenjie is very strange,Ghost Wang Dawn’s routine is old,Can I don’t have any questions。
“Ah this year……”
Ghostwear is a poor words,This is the long history.,That is a night of wind and rain.,He married the neon female fans who came.……Here I omitted five million words……Hair silk is taken away by people.。
Lyon asked:“so,Can’t find a deceived,The curse on your body will never be removed.?”
“Be right,That’s it。”
Ghost King shakes his head,There have been many good people to help him go to neon to find the deceased.,Which opponent hides too deep,There is no more clues.。
He is also very clear,People in the sea,Don’t say deliberately hidden,Just just find a corner,I can’t find it for a hundred years.。
“Look at the situation,If I have not guess wrong,That reelsted ghost is still dead,Right?”
“Yes,He will relieve him.。”